What is Shahneshin?

Shahneshin set consists of 5 to 9 pieces including cushions for back, triangular cushions and other cushions. Shahneshin set roots in history and according to historians, it was used by kings and lords. In fact, Shahneshin set was placed on the throne in order that the king would not get tired in critical meetings. However, by the help of technology, Shahneshin set is produced in different designs and colors.



Where to Use Shahneshin Set?

  • Living rooms;
  • Bedrooms;
  • Gazebos;
  • Traditional beds;
  • Traditional restaurants and cafes.  



Note: Some uploaded designs may not be available and you need to order to be produced.

Mattresses size:

88*190 cm


Round pillows size:

40*80 cm


Backrest size:

50*50 cm




How to wash and maintain Shahneshin?

  1. Do not sit on cushions for back since it must be used for leaning not sitting on.
  2. To keep Shahneshin set clean, the best method is to use a carpet shampoo cleaner which does not damage the fabric because of its gentle formula.
  3. Keep away Silk Shahneshin set away from direct sunlight.