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Engraving with a history of three thousand years is a high and valuable art in the traditional and artistic culture of Iranians and has a special place, which with the help of the taste and thought of the Iranian artist, influenced by customs, culture and religion, in expressing Iranian beliefs. The most beautiful metal object is engraved and throughout history, its durability has been passed on to future generations.

Engraving means decorating and carving designs and patterns on metal objects with hammers and special pens.

The metals used in engraving are gold, silver, copper, brass, and Warsaw, but the most widely used metal in this magnificent art is copper. Copper is the best choice for engraving because of its softness and ductility. She is a woman who has a unique appearance in the environment with a tin cover.

Uses of ornaments:

Necklaces (men and women)


a bracelet

Ring (men and women)

Croatian clamp

Head button